Stabilizing An Eiffel Tower Vase – Tips and Tricks

Are you interested in putting together an extravagant and huge display for your wedding centerpieces? If this is the case, you will definitely want to consider using and finding a way to stabilize an Eiffel Tower vase. These vases are very big, bold and beautiful, but they do require a little extra work, in order to keep them upright, at all times. Within the article presented below, you will discover all of the different ways that you can stabilize one of these vases, without creating too much of a distraction.

Getting Your Vases

Before you can learn how to use and stabilize these vases, it is first essential to make sure that you get them! There are several different ways to obtain these items and you shouldn’t be afraid to rent or buy. Both options are reasonable and effective. Just take note that both come with pros and cons! Make sure that you understand the differences of each and make the right choice for your specific situation.

Take note that buying the vases will ensure that you get precisely what you want, but renting may not. Still, renting is tremendously cheaper and will ensure that you do not have to take the items home with you at the end of the wedding. Therefore, you should make sure that you choose the option that is best suitable for your circumstance.

Shipping With Care

When attempting to purchase your vases, you will want to put in a little extra work, in order to ensure that your vases will arrive on time and in good condition. In order to do this, you will need to research the dealer carefully, if you’re going to be shopping online. A good and respectable dealer will go above and beyond to ensure that your items are packaged carefully and will not be broken, during the shipping process. Also, you might want to look into dealers, which are willing to replace broken items. Accidents can happen and it is vital to make sure that you have a backup plan, in case you fall victim to one.

Remember that a little bit of research and patience can go a long way!

Eiffel Tower Vase Construction

The main reason Eiffel tower vases are a hot wedding commodity is because of their construction and design. Many couples prefer a tall centerpiece over a short one, because they want their table décor to stand out above everything else. While this is an excellent choice, you will find that its construction can be very unstable.

The sturdy, weighted base helps to keep the vase stabilized, it is sometimes not enough to prevent it from tilting over, when filled with a floral bouquet. You will need to find the best way to stabilize the vase, without your guests knowing that you have done so.

You will find a large array of sizes and colors of Eiffel tower vases to select from. These elegant vases have a slender rising form that is very desirable for any outdoor or indoor wedding.

Clear Glass Eiffel Tower Vase

Many couples select the clear glass Eiffel tower vase over other colors, because the transparent glass will provide them with more decorating options. Of course, you can fill a blue or black vase with flowers, sand, gel balls, or colored water, but you will not be able to visibly see the décor. Whereas, if you select a clear glass vase, you will clearly see the décor, so you should definitely keep this mind, before selecting a colored vase.

There are many decorative ideas that you can use, when it comes to your centerpiece displays, but if you want to make them stand out above the rest, you will need to take advantage of the clear glass Eiffel tower vase.

Weighing It Down

There are various ways to stabilize an Eiffel Tower vase and prevent it from falling over. One of the best ways to do this is by weighing down the vase. This is an effective and easy way to rectify the problem. Unfortunately, it is also important to note that the vase is going to be clear, so whatever your put inside of it will be visible. Therefore, you will want to put items inside of the vase that are beautiful, colorful and not out of place. For instance, sand might be a wonderful choice. The effectiveness of sand will depend on the size of the vase.

At the same time, you might want to consider using water. Water is an excellent choice, because it will weight down the vase and it is clear. Therefore, it will not change the appearance of the vase. When using water, you can also add water beads to the vase. This will add weight and beauty to the vase. Finally, you may also want to consider using stones and pebbles. Although it might be difficult to find pebbles and stones that are small enough to fit into the vase, they’ll work excellently and will also enhance the visual appearance of the vase.

Weighing down the vase is an excellent choice, but it’ll also make it a little more difficult to move about.

Stacking Them Up

Most individuals are going to be interested in using their vases, as a centerpiece. This is a wonderful option. The majority of individuals will include more than one vase in this type of arrangement. This can be a good move and will help to ensure that your Eiffel Tower vase is properly supported. By stacking up vases aside one or another, you might be able to prevent the tower vase from falling over and smashing into the floor.

Of course, you don’t have to use other vases. It is also possible to use other items to prop up your tower vase. This is a wonderful choice and can work exceptionally well, as long as you use items that are equally beautiful.

Hot Glue Gun

Once you have selected to utilize the tall Eiffel tower vase, as your centerpiece display base, you will need to find a way to stabilize it. Having a tall centerpiece will definitely transform the venue environment into a fairytale event and that is why most couples choose them over the short centerpiece.

When stabilizing the vase, you will need to make sure that it is concealed from the human eye, because you definitely do not want anyone to be able to see it. The best way to stabilize the Eiffel tower vase is with a hot glue gun and a 12” mirror base. You will simply fill the vase with your floral arrangement and then place a thick layer of hot glue on the bottom of the vase. Make sure that you center the vase on the mirror, because once it completely dries, you will not be able to move it.

You will find that this is by far the best way to prevent the vase from tilting over and you will not need to use any other décor to conceal the glue, since it is transparent.

Tape Them Down

One of the other ways to stabilize your vase is by taping it down to the table. Unfortunately, you’re going to need some very durable and reliable tape. This aspect is actually very easy and shouldn’t take more than a few minutes to put together. You can also consider utilizing Velcro. Velcro is a good choice, because it is effortless to use, cheap and can be removed easily! When using Velcro or tape, you will want to make sure that you choose a product that can be removed easily. This is vital, because you don’t want the material to leave a residue mark behind.

Keeping the Floral Décor Balanced

When decorating an Eiffel tower vase, you will need to work diligently to balance out the display. Make sure that you utilize a bouquet floral foam holder, because this will be the easiest way to create a round, smooth shape. This holder is capable of holding fresh, silk, or dried flowers or feathers, so be sure to take advantage of it.

When filling the foam with flowers, be sure to start in the center and work your way out, until the entire floral foam is filled. If you use any type of acrylic pearl or diamond string décor, you want to use the same sequence, as well. Even though the diamond string is lightweight, it can still cause an imbalance in the display, if you hang one strand down one side, without doing the same with the other side.


Overall, there are many different ways to stabilize an Eiffel Tower vase. It should be known that these vases are extremely beautiful and will add a visually stunning decoration to your wedding. Whether you’re going to be using the vase, as a centerpiece, or not, you will want to make sure that the vase is properly supported. It would be a tragedy for your vase to fall off and hit the floor. Therefore, you will want to use the tips above to help guide you in the right direction.

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Choosing A Wedding Photo Album For Your Upcoming Wedding

Are you looking for a wonderful way to capture your wedding’s greatest moments for the rest of your life? If this is the case, you will definitely want to consider purchasing a wedding photo album. This can be a wonderful way to store all of the photos from your wedding. Despite a major misconception, purchasing a photo album takes a little bit of research. Within this guide, you will be able to discover everything you need to know to purchase one of these albums for your wedding.

Purchase Or Make Your Own

While many people do not know it or don’t have the time for it, it is entirely possible to make your very own photograph album. This can be a great option and will give you the ability to add a little bit of personality to the album. Of course, you will want to make sure that you’ve got the time and creativity to complete this project. If you do not, you might be better off making the purchase. By purchasing one of these albums, the process will be significantly easier, but your choices and options will be slimmed down slightly.

By making your own album, you will be able to maintain control over everything and make the adjustments that you desire. This is a wonderful choice, but it is also time consuming. Therefore, you will need to be honest with yourself and make the choice that best suits you.

Number of Pages

When attempting to choose the right photo album for your wedding, it is essential to take the number of pages into account. It should be known that each book you purchase will have a specific number of pages and potentially a specific number of picture slots. It is essential to make sure that you choose the right number of pages and slots for your wedding album. If you want to store hundreds of pictures, you’re going to need more pages and vice versa. Make sure that you choose the right option for your specific situation.

Personalized Album

Your photos are going to be one of the most important memorabilia that you will have left from your wedding. This is why it is important to protect your precious photos, by placing them safely inside of a photo album. Every couple will shop till they drop trying to find the perfect album to store their photos.

A personalized album will definitely make a great addition to your home décor. Always make sure that your family, friends, and other guests have access to your personalized wedding album, when they are visiting.

Whenever you feel like, you do not have a communication topic you will always be able to rely on your wedding album to give you something to chat about. This will become one of the most talked about books in your home, especially, when you have children, because they will be very interested in your special day.

Wedding Album Cover

If you already have a wedding album, but want to spice it up a bit, you should consider purchasing a wedding album cover. This cover can be placed over top of a 14” L x 11” W album. Turn that ordinary album into a work of art with this beautiful overlay and you will always have the option of having it personalized per your specifications.

Don’t Do It Alone

When attempting to put together a nice photo album for your wedding, you should know that you’re not going to be the only one involved. It is essential to remember that you are not going to be the only one, who will appear in the pictures. With this in mind, you should consider incorporating everyone into the equation. Working alongside of your significant other and wedding guests is a good idea. Make sure that these people’s opinions are taken into account. It is essential to make sure that you include the pictures that everyone agrees are important, while ignoring those that everyone agrees aren’t so important.

Organizing Your Photos

Before you place your photos into the album, you should take the time to organize them. Start by creating an organizational file and be sure to include all of your wedding photos, but organize them to where they tell your story.

• Omit unwanted photos from the album
• Include several photos of the same pose
• Include all immediate family members
• Wedding cake photos should also be included
• First dance
• Tossing of the bridal bouquet and garter
• Waltz down the aisle
• Wedding ceremony

Make sure that you organize them in a chronological sequence, so everyone that looks at your item will be able to take a walk down memory lane with you.

Telling Stories

When attempting to put together your wedding photo album, you will want to use your creativity to create a story for each individual page. You should attempt to make sure that your pictures are laid out in a way that tells the tale of your wedding day. If you’re able to lay everything out in chronological order, you will be able to pull this off perfectly. At the same time, you will want to make sure to include pictures that aren’t so noticeable. For instance, you should include pictures of flower arrangements, food and favors.

Adding Other Items

Although your photo album might be called a “photo” album, you should know that it is entirely possible to use the item for many other purposes. For instance, you can add newspaper clippings into your album! If you published a notice in your local newspaper announcing your wedding, you will definitely want to cut it out and put it into your photo album. Also, you will want to be sure to add an invitation and save the date card in the album! All of these items will help to make the album much more personal and will cater the album’s content to your wedding!

Maple and Rosewood Album

If you are looking for a very unique album design, you should consider wood. While many couples would be turned off by a wood album cover. You would be surprised with how gorgeous maple and rosewood genuinely is and that is why you should keep it on your list of prospects.

The wood cover is 2 ¼” thick, which will perfect for your album. You can also have it engraved with the initials of the bride and groom, which will definitely turn this album into a keepsake or family heirloom.

This is a handcrafted album that will look beautiful on anyone’s sofa table. If you have not yet chosen a wedding gift for the couple, you should order the maple and rosewood album, today. Make sure that you place your order early, because the craftsman will need time to do the engraving and do not forget about shipping time, as well.

Vintage Wedding Album

If you are having a vintage wedding theme, you should also consider a vintage wedding album. You will find a limitless array of these vintage albums online, so be sure to do a bit of shopping, before you make your final selection.

You can create your own vintage album cover, by using scrapbooking supplies. Schedule a scrapbooking party and let everyone develop their very own album cover. You can do not, while you are planning your wedding and this will be a great time for you to unwind and let your hair down.

You will find flowers, ribbon, letters, and butterflies to decorate the album cover, so be sure to take advantage of them.


Overall, there are many different reasons for couples to add a wedding photo album to their weddings. This small, but significant, item will give you the ability to memorialize your wedding for eternity! Even after all is said and done, you will be able to pass down the item to your children and grand children. This will ensure that your miraculous wedding day will never be forgotten.

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Buy Chair Covers Online Cheaper And Quicker

If you are looking to buy chair covers, then you have come to the right place. However, before you start shopping, there are a few things that you need to know beforehand. Chair covers are not always necessary, but you might find yourself in a situation, where you need to cover an unsightly chair for a special occasion. Sometimes those old folding or banquet chairs can be plain and need a little sprucing up or maybe the chairs are all beat up. Whatever the case may be this is where chair covers come in handy. A chair cover can really change the looks of the chair and keep you from having to purchase a new chair.
Different chair covers are designed to alter a venue environment. For instance, banquet chair covers are used to add a visual effect to those ugly chairs at a special event. Whereas a living room chair cover can have two purposes. One is that they can be used not only to spice up that old chair, but they can even be used to spruce up the whole room. The other purpose would be to allow you to get more life out of those old chairs. Chair covers are available in a variety of different styles and patterns. Choosing the correct chair cover will really depend on what type of chair you are trying to cover. Below you will learn a little bit more information about the types of chair covers.

Types of Chair Covers

You will find that at most weddings and special events the folding and the banquet chair are the two most common types of seats used. These chairs are usually plain and contain lots of bare metal, which is why couples choose to use them. Pale colors like cream or white are most often used at formal weddings or special events. It is also very common to find long sashes tied around the backs of the chairs. These sashes also are available in a variety of different colors and fabrics, but their style and design is usually tied in with the event or wedding theme colors.
Banquet chair covers usually drape over a chair and have a much looser fit than other covers. However, sashes can also be used to secure the chair cover.
• Standard chair cover- you will find that the standard chair covers is the most common type of chair cover available. The most common fabrics used for the standard chair cover are silk, satin, organza, linen, and polyester.
• Tall chair cover- is designed to fit snug on tall chairs. The most common fabrics for these chair covers are silk, satin, organza, linen, and polyester.
• Folding chair cover- is designed to perfectly fit an average folding chair. The most common fabrics are silk, satin, organza, linen, and polyester.
• Pillowcase chair cover- is a little bit different because it has excess fabric in the back that can be tied in the form of a bow. This excess fabric eliminates the need for an extra sash. This type of chair cover will drape over tall banquet and standard chairs. The most common fabrics for this chair cover are silk, satin, organza, linen, and polyester.
• Spandex chair cover- is very unique, because it will fit most chairs. It can even be stretched to fit most banquet chairs. The spandex chair cover actually molds to the chairs for a nice tight fit. This chair cover is only available in spandex material.
• Universal chair cover- is designed to fit any chair. It will drape over some chairs and fit tight against others. It really just depends on what type of chair you are trying to cover. The most common fabrics for this chair cover are silk, satin, organza, linen, and polyester.

Buying Chair Covers

Chair covers can be purchased in many department, big box and, furniture stores or online. You may find that buying online could be less expensive, but there are some things that you should be aware of when shopping online. If you choose to shop online for chair covers, you are going to need to know the size of the chair you are trying to cover in advance. Of course, you could always choose to go with the spandex or universal chair cover, because they will cover all types of chairs, but it really depends on what type of look you are going for. You should also know that shopping online could be dangerous, if you do not shop from a trusted buyer. Before you shop online you need to make sure that you do some research and shop from a reputable store. You should also make sure that you always use a secure form of payment.
Many stores can provide you with sample fabrics, if you are unsure about the size of the chair cover that you need. You do not always have to buy chairs covers, if you are looking to use them for a wedding or a special event. Many couples will tend to rent these items because it can be much cheaper.

Renting VS Buying Chair Covers

If you are planning on hosting an event you should be aware of some of the advantages and disadvantages of buying or renting chair covers.
If you choose to rent your chair covers you are not going to have to install or remove them. The rental company will provide workers to come out and install these covers for you. If you are going to be hosting a large event, this will save you a lot of time.
When choosing to rental chair cover you may not have as many options, because some rental companies only carry certain styles and designs.
When you rent chair covers there might be a fee associated with any damage that is done to the chair covers. This fee can sometimes be more expensive than the cost of renting the covers, so this is something that you want to check out ahead of time.
When you buy chair covers, you always have the option of reusing them over and over again for birthday and engagement parties.

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Cheap Wedding Favor Ideas: The Best Money Saving Ideas

Planning and hosting a wedding can be tremendously expensive. However it is possible to save with items, such as cheap wedding favor ideas and cheap centerpieces. When it comes to the favors, you should remember that cheap doesn’t mean that you weren’t thoughtful. As the old saying goes, it is the thought that counts and cheaper favors can represent your thoughtfulness delightfully. Within this guide, you will learn everything you need to know to choose the right favor for your limited budget.

Ways to Save Money

When attempting to save money on your wedding favors, you should consider taking the best cheap wedding favor ideas into account. With these ideas, it is entirely possible to save a lot of money, while still delivering excellent favors. For instance, you should remember that you might already have access to some potential favors in your home! If you’re a good chef or craftsman, you can always create your own favors. On the other hand, if you have access to the woods or a beautiful flower field, you can take advantage of nature for your favors.

At the same time, you shouldn’t be afraid to shop online. This will provide you with an assortment of different positives. First, you’ll be able to explore a massive collection that will not be available elsewhere. At the same time, you will be able to save money! Yes, shopping online can help you save, even if you do have to pay for shipping and handling. Shopping around a little more can even help you find retailers that offer free shipping! A little effort goes a long way, when trying to shop online.

Although you want to ensure that all of your favorite friends and closest loved ones are going to be attending your wedding, you will want to consider slimming down on your list. With a smaller list, you will need fewer favors, which will cut your budget tremendously. Be sure to only invite the people that are closest to you! Everyone else can be ignored, unless they’re a part of your inner circle.

Finally, you should remember that it is entirely possible and acceptable to shop with wholesale suppliers. Although this might cut your selection down significantly, it will undoubtedly help you save money. Since you’re going to be buying favors in bulk, shopping in this manner is an excellent choice!

Individual Candies

Almost everyone absolutely loves candies! Although some of your guests might be on a diet at the moment, they’ll still allow themselves to cheat every once in a while. Your wedding will likely be one of the best times for these individuals to indulge their cravings. With this in mind, you will want to consider supplying them with an assortment of delicious treats. Although you can create bags and hand them out individually, this isn’t necessary. Instead, you can think about creating a favors centerpiece with tons of candy!

Once you’ve got a few big bowls, you’ll want to fill them up with different types of candies! Once this has been completed, everything can be situated on your center table. This will make the candy very visible and readily accessible to everyone. When they get hungry, they can stroll right over and enjoy!

Snowflake Place Cardholders
Nothing says winter better than a snowflake. If you’re going to be hosting your wedding, during the winter, you will want to consider taking this information into account! This will ensure that you’re able to enjoy cheap wedding favor ideas that match your wedding and the season! This is why the snowflake place cardholder makes the perfect wedding favor for any winter wedding. You can set these little gifts on your guest’s tables and this will eliminate the need for a wedding favor table. Don’t forget to include a sweet little thank you message on the card. You also have the option of a pinecone place card holder. The pinecone cardholder also makes a great representation on the winter.
Personalized Pens

There are some very inexpensive items that are used on a daily basis. Some of these items include key chains, lighters and even pens! From time to time, everyone needs a good pen, in order to sign his or her name or jot down an important bit of information. This is why personalized pens are extremely beneficial for your wedding! In fact, this is likely one of the most practical favors ever!

Once you’ve decided to take this route, you will want to remember that you can personalize the pen. Although your canvas will be limited, you can still add some cool items to the pens. For instance, you can add words, letters, numbers and different designs. Be sure to make your pens as personal as possible and you will not be able to disappoint.
Candy Bag Favors
Oh, the delicious taste of candy. It will melt in your mouth and not in your hands. You will surely have more than a few sweet tooth guests on your list and that is why you should give them a candy bag favor. While you may think this is a little thoughtless, it truly is not, because you will decorate the bag to make it look beautiful and unique.
You can utilize a sachet or burlap bag, but be sure to stay within your wedding theme, because you want everything to be balanced evenly. You can purchase these bags at your local party supply shop at a very inexpensive price and you will also have the option of purchasing them from an online wholesaler.
You can fill them with chocolate covered Brazil nuts, chewy gum drops, bubble gum balls, or homemade taffy. Just make sure to add a beautiful bow and gift card to your favor, before giving them to your guests.
Personalized Flower Seed Packets
If you want to give your guests a favor that will have the opportunity to last a lifetime, you should consider the flower seed packet. You will have a limitless array of flower specie seeds to select from including:
• Daisy
• Fox Glove
• Pansy
• Candytuft
• Petunia
• Wallflower
Of course, you can always give the vegan in the family a packet of sweet peas, cucumbers, or radishes. If you truly want to get down and creative, you can purchase the seeds as a bulk order and place them in personalized bags.
You can visit your home and garden shop to purchase the seeds, by the pound, so they will be much cheaper than buying them per packet. Just purchase the sachet or burlap sack, as a bulk order, as well.
Fill the sacks with the seeds and place a gift card on them, so everyone will know that you were thinking of them, when you created this lovely, but cheap wedding favor.
Playing Cards

If you’re looking for a good time, you’ll want to pick up a pack of playing cards! With these cards, it is possible to play an assortment of fun games! Everyone knows how to play a few card games and your guests will definitely want to partake in the fun. With this in mind, you should use playing cards as your favors! You can even customize the box, if you’re looking for something with a tad bit more personality.


When attempting to put together your wedding’s favors, you will want to remember to consider checking out cheap wedding favor ideas. If you add a little bit of heart and soul to your favor, it will not matter how much they cost! As long as your guests are happy and satisfied, you will not be able to fail!

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Tall Wedding Centerpieces Are Enormously Attractive

There are two different things that should stand out at your wedding. Your wedding dress and your tall wedding centerpieces should be much more noticeable than anything else. With the tall centerpiece, you will undoubtedly be able to achieve this goal. The centerpiece will stand above everything else, which will make it much more attractive and difficult to ignore. Of course, there are many different tall wedding centerpieces. A handful of these will be mentioned below for your convenience and to help you choose one that fits your needs.

Where to Get Them

First and foremost, you will need to look into yourself for answers. It is entirely possible to take the time to build your own tall centerpieces, or you can always purchase one. Both options are entirely acceptable, but both have a specific set of pros and cons.

By taking the time to design and build your centerpieces, you will be able to maintain entire control over everything. If you don’t like the way a specific piece of the decoration looks, you can easily change it. If you would prefer to turn something around in the other direction, you will be able to do so, without trouble.

On the other hand, you should consider buying the centerpieces. This will undoubtedly be tremendously either, but it could be a little more costly. By purchasing the centerpiece, you will have to wait for it to be delivered in most cases. Be sure to check with hobbyists, if you’re going to follow this option. With these individuals, you might be able to find something entirely unique.

Tall Square Glass Vase

Most couples prefer tall wedding centerpieces, because they can easily be seen over a large crowd of people. You can also use them as your main focal point, which is highly desirable, but only if you are not using your wedding cake, as the main point of attraction.

The tall square glass vase is the perfect way to start developing a tall centerpiece. The greatest benefit of the square vase is you will not need to worry about it toppling over, even if the table is hit fairly hard. The large square base will stabilize the vase extremely well, but remember anything is possible, when you are having a large wedding.

You can fill the vase with water, gel balls, river pebbles, sand, sea shells, or whatever you desire. You can also cover the glass vase with rhinestone crystal ribbon, so the floral stems will not be visible. If you choose to go this route, you will simply cut the ribbon to size and place glue on the back portion, then wrap it around the vase. This will definitely impress everyone, plus the rhinestone crystals will reflect any type of candle lighting.

Fill the tall square vase with flowers, feathers, or lavender stalks, so they will look full and beautiful on your wedding reception tables.

Eiffel Tower Vases

When attempting to use the very best tall wedding centerpieces, you will want to consider taking the time to use Eiffel tower vases. With these types of vases, it is possible to create a wide assortment of different centerpieces. Remember that the vase itself is enough to warrant its own centerpiece. They’re beautiful, attractive and unique. Of course, you will also want to consider adding a bunch of different decorations, such as flowers, beads and lights!

By placing a light into one of these vases, it will undoubtedly create a very unique and beautiful appearance. The light will shine out beautifully and light up the rest of the table. This can work exceptionally well, if you have beautiful items laid out near the vase. Water beads work very well, since they’re capable of capturing the light. Since these vases are very tall, you will want to consider placing a beautiful floral display at the top.

Deliciously Fruity

There is nothing more mouthwatering than a tall fruity centerpiece. This beautiful creation can be placed on your buffet or reception tables and look absolutely outstanding. You will need to utilize a tall cylinder vase for this DIY project. Make sure to visit your local fruit stand or market and purchase the freshest fruits that you can find, because you want them to be deliciously tempting to everyone that comes into contact with them.

You will need to purchase several items, before you actually start working on your tall wedding centerpieces.

• Oranges
• Lemons
• Strawberries
• Pineapple
• Bamboo Wooden Party Sticks
• Thin White String
Cut the lemons into slices and then cut the pineapples into cubes. You will then need to cut the oranges in half, before you move on to the next step. If you want to make this an edible centerpiece, you will need to throw the vases into the dishwasher and wash all of the fruit thoroughly.

Once everything is cut, you will simply stick the fruit onto the bamboo sticks and then fill the vase with ice cold water. Place the lemon slices into the vase, so they look like they are pressed up against the glass. Wedge the fruit sticks into the lemony mixture, so they look uniformed, but be sure to mix up the pineapples and strawberries, so they look balanced out. Use a thin string to attach the orange slices onto the outer bamboo sticks and let them hang downward.

You can sit the vase into a platter filled with ice, so they stay cold and fresh. Allow your guests to help themselves to your delicious delectable.

Giant Champagne Saucer

If you are looking for a base for your tall centerpiece, you should consider utilizing the giant champagne saucer. This is an extremely tall clear glass that can be enveloped into your wedding décor very easily. Every couple likes to celebrate their event with a toast to their future, so why not use this beautiful piece, as your centerpiece base.

You can fill the vase with gel balls, diamond confetti, pearl beads, or colored water. Once you have chosen filler, you will need to decide, whether you want to use candles or flowers to place in the center of the filler. Remember, candles will provide the perfect mood lighting for your event, so you can totally eliminate the ceiling lights.

Wrap 1” white or pastel colored ribbon around the base of the champagne glass, just to give it a loving touch of elegance. Fill the vase with colored acrylic beads, place a candle in the center, and lay the white pearl beads inside of the vase. Make sure to leave some of the beads hanging loosely on the outside of the vase, so they look like they were tossed into the bowl after a night of dancing.

If you use water balls or water gel as filler, you can place 3-4 floating candles on top of the mixture, before you sit the beautiful champagne saucer centerpiece on your reception tables. Toss down some diamond confetti and you will have yourself an extraordinary display.


When it comes down to it, tall wedding centerpieces are undoubtedly more attractive and eye-catching than the majority of their small alternatives. Of course, it is still vital to be very careful, when selecting one. Choose one that suits your wedding, theme and color theme perfectly. Other than that, you should make sure that you’re happy with the finalized display. If you are, you have succeeded in creating the best wedding centerpiece.

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Exploring Wedding Website Ideas for All Wedding Types

Are you currently planning an elegant wedding? If this is the case, you will want to rely on the latest wedding website ideas! With these techniques and ideas, you will be able to design an extremely beautiful and effective website that will impress your guests and inform them about your upcoming wedding! In fact, your website will actually become the informational source for all of the individuals, who will be attending. So, what are the best wedding website ideas? A handful of these will be mentioned below for your convenience!

Hire a Professional

There is absolutely no doubt that it is possible to design your very own website. There are many different simple website builders, which can guide you through the process and get your website up and running in a matter of minutes. Of course, these website builders tend to be slightly limited. In fact, relying on the provided templates will limit your options and result in a wedding website that looks similar to others. By hiring a professional, you will be able to ensure that your site is completely original and your own! Your guests will immediately be able to recognize the amount of effort and work you put into the site, as soon as it loads.

Get a Programmer

If you want to be able to entertain your guests and impress them with your originality, you will want to consider hiring a programmer. A coder or programmer will be able to provide you with many different awesome options. First and foremost, they’ll be able to completely revamp your website with flashy graphics and effects. On the other hand, some will actually be able to design interactive games and widgets for your site! Your guests will go absolutely wide, if they’re able to play a fun, but simple, game while they visit your website.

By formulating a unique idea, you will be able to speak with a programmer. They’ll be able to work with your plan to deliver a unique application, which can be featured on your site.

Welcome Your Guests

When you are developing a wedding website, you should consider turning the main page into a welcome message page. This will invite your visitors to your site and show them how much you appreciate their attention. You will also have the opportunity to introduce yourself to those that are not that familiar with you.

Do not make this message more than 300-400 words, because you do not want to run anyone away. The key is the invite them in and encourage them to browse around, before they actually take their exit.

Create a Message Board

One of the most effective wedding website ideas is giving your loved ones a place to chat about your upcoming wedding. This can be done very easily, by creating a message board! All of your guests will be able to register with a unique handle. After this, they’ll be able to browse through all of the current messages, before they leave some of their own. The entire forum can become very beneficial, if you use it to accept feedback and ideas from your guests!

Once you’ve got the board up and running, you will want to consider asking your loved ones about their favorite foods and music. By relying on the information that they provide, you will be able to ensure that everyone will be satisfied during the wedding!

Create Some Clever Popups

When someone visits a website, they’re going to get extremely angry, if they are greeted with an annoying popup ad! The popup is undoubtedly one of the most annoying inventions of the entire Internet. Of course, you can use this to your advantage. Instead of greeting your guests with a popup full of ads, you should consider using a funny advert. If you work with a programmer, they’ll be able to make an animated picture of you and your partner! The possibilities are endless. Making a fool of your self is always a good idea! Your guests will get a kick out of you and your partner dancing around like lunatics.

Create a Blog

Remember that your guests will be dying to know what is happening next with the wedding planning process. Since they cannot give you a call and get updated daily, you should consider creating a blog for your site. By writing on your blog a few minutes a day, you will be able to quickly update your loved ones and provide them with the daily progress. Don’t forget that you can add pictures and videos to your blog. This can help you avoid writing and can actually provide your guests with even more insight. Your guests will be informed and they’ll absolutely love learning about your thought pattern, while planning your wedding.

Wedding Sweepstake

If you want to have a little fun with your website, you should consider creating a wedding sweepstake. You can do this very easily, by developing a short questionnaire and allowing everyone the opportunity to answer the questions, as well as they possibly can. Once they have completed the questionnaire, they can easily submit it. Hold the sweepstake for at least a month, so that everyone will have the opportunity to complete the form. Then view each one and see who answers all the questions correctly. Offer them a small gift and announce the winner on your website.

Some questions that you can add to the form include:

• Date the couple first met
• Parent’s names
• Favorite colors
• College major
• Pet’s names
• Favorite movie
• Proposal location
These are only to name a few suggestions. You can always hold a sweepstake monthly, up until the wedding day. This is a fun little activity that everyone can get involved in, so be sure to include it on your wedding couple website.


When it really comes down to it, there are an endless number of exciting wedding website ideas. When attempting to build and design your own website, you shouldn’t be afraid to experiment and look at the websites of others. By doing this, you will be able to come up with strategies to ensure that your website is beautiful and successful! Don’t be afraid to stretch the rules and don’t stop, until you’re entirely satisfied with the finalized website! It is your wedding and you should make sure that you’re entirely happy with the site!

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Tips On Searching For Wedding Chair Covers To Buy

Chair covers are a must have, when it comes to decorating and setting up a reception hall. Of course, you can always shop at your local wedding, bridal, and party stores for these items, but if you want a larger selection to choose from, you should hit up the Internet. Below you will discover innumerable tips on how to search, buy, and select wedding chair covers.

Get an Estimate

First and foremost, it is imperative to make sure that you do not rush into the situation blindly! There are a few different things that should be squared away, before you attempt to look for wedding chair covers to buy. First, you will want to put together a specific budget for your wedding chairs and covers. How much are you willing to spend on this specific decoration? How important are your chairs to you and your significant other? Having a confirmed budget will help you slim down your options and make the decision significantly easier.

Next, you should have a good idea of the type of theme that you’re after. There are numerous themes to choose from, including southern, beach and classic. Once you’ve gotten a theme in mind, you’ll be able to narrow down the chair covers, by eliminating those that do not suit your theme! Finally, you’re going to need to find out how many chairs and covers you need. Sending out RSVP cards can help you formulate a good estimate. Make a mark for each card that is returned and count up this number a short time later. This will help you get a close figure to work with!

Tips for Booking Chair Covers

If you find yourself considering the option of booking chair covers for your wedding there are some things that you should take into consideration first. You should always explore different fabric options. Remember poly is not the only fabric in the world. Try incorporating satin or different fabrics to give your room a more elegant look. This is going to cost you more money, but it could greatly transform the look of your venue and make your special day even more special.

You will find that most basic chair covers are available in white and this might suit your particular event just fine. However, there are some other colors that you can implement into your wedding theme, to give it a little extra zest or bling. For instance, ivory can warm up any room or you could use black to make your room look a little darker. It is important to remember that the color of wedding chair covers could make all the difference in the world. Do not be afraid to explore your options, because you may find something that really suits you particular application

Keep in mind that you can spice up your chair covers, by adding accessories to them. Brooches, buckles, flowers, and feathers are just a few options that you have to choose from. You can always rent or buy these items online.
The most important thing to consider is your linen provider. You want to make sure that you hire a true professional, who does excellent work and really cares about their reputation and customers. You want someone who is going to work with you, no matter how many times you change your mind. Do not make a mistake like this on the biggest day of your life. You do not want your chair cover to be wrinkled and misshaped. Ask your provider how the covers are handled and cared for, during the before and during the wedding.
You are going to be paying out a lot of money, so you want to make sure that all of your chair covers are identical. You do not want half of you chairs covered in one pattern, while the other half is covered in a different pattern. Uniformed and balanced colors, designs, and patterns are exactly what you want to achieve.

The Do’s and Don’ts for the Right Chair Covers

When attempting to choose the best wedding chair covers to buy, there are several different things that need to be taken into account. By taking the time to implement the tips below, you will be able to ensure that you’ll get good covers that will elevate your wedding and take it to the next level!


• Always Explore Different Fabrics – Fabric is an important aspect of your chair covers! Each fabric can display a different appearance and each provides you with some specific pros and cons. By exploring each, you’ll be able to find the right covers that can help to beautify your wedding, without crossing past your wedding’s budget.
• Explore Different Colors – Although this one should be obvious, it is still important to explore all different colors. Be sure to check out colors that work perfectly with your wedding theme! If you’re unable to find an appropriate color, remember that blacks and whites can work across the board. For a softer wedding, you should consider light blues or pinks! Either way, make sure to contemplate different colors!
• Check Out Different Accessories – Although wedding chair covers are beautiful on their own, they can be enhanced significantly with the use of accessories. Sashes, ribbons, brooches and a variety of different items are available. Experiment and look at all potential possibilities, before you make your final decision! At the same time, you should think about using sashes with other accessories for an even cooler and more intricate decoration!
• Consider Hiring a Professional – There is no doubt that you should take the time to consider hiring a professional. Although you don’t have to work with them full time, they can help you on a temporary or part-time basis. Allow them to help you decorate the chairs, while you maintain creative control over the situation! Sometimes, doing everything yourself is too time consuming and a professional will be able to help lift some of this stress off of your shoulders.
• Rehearse Repetitively – If you’ve been able to plan ahead of time, you should take the time to rehearse your wedding! Even if this is done with a single chair, it can be very beneficial. It’ll also allow you to see exactly how the decoration will look, when everything is put together. Be careful, since you will want to avoid getting the fabric wrinkled. This will also help you get prepared to decorate the venue!


• Use Dirty Linen – If you rent, it is possible that you’ll receive linens that are dirty or soiled! This is unacceptable and you will want to look for a different rental company! Your wedding needs to be perfect and dirty linen won’t cut it!
• No Mixing and Matching – Although it might be fun to experiment with different colors and ideas, it is a bad idea to decorate with a rainbow of colors! This will create a chaotic venue, which isn’t harmonized. Create a calm, harmonized environment by using similar colors!
• Buy $1 Chair Covers – When it comes to wedding chair covers to buy, it is certain that you will receive what you pay for! Paying a single dollar will get you a dollar’s worth of quality. Be careful and don’t be afraid to spend a little extra for better chair covers.
• Accept Wrinkles – Winkles are unacceptable and will diminish the appearance of your chair covers! It is imperative to keep your covers perfectly folded and wrinkle free, before the wedding. Consider purchasing a steamer, which will help you quickly eliminate the wrinkles, before the big event!

By using the information above, you will be able to ensure that your selection of chair covers will be effective for beautifying your wedding venue. Avoid using too many different colors and never accept dirty or wrinkled linen!

Consider Shopping Online

As you are planning your wedding, you will find that chair covers are pretty expensive. This is especially true, if you plan on having a big guest list. If you are planning your wedding on a budget, then you should consider shopping online for you wedding chair covers. However, there are some things that you should keep in mind, while shopping for chair covers online.

You should be aware that there are many different styles of wedding chair covers. Keep in mind what style of wedding you are having and what the overall theme of your venue is going to be. You do not always have to match the chair covers with your venue. It might give you a more elegant look, if you try to match your chair covers with the color of your wedding dress.

Keep in mind that there are different types of chairs. Some wedding chair covers are only designed for certain types of chairs. With that being said, there are some companies that make universal wedding chair covers. This means that the chair cover is made to fit any type of chair. This might end up being your best option, if you are shopping online.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of people online, who will try to rip you off. This is usually best avoided by shopping with a company rather than buying from an individual. You should also never pay with a check, or wired money. Also, keep in mind that it might be a great idea to have some kind of fraud protection on your credit card. Always consider secure payment methods when buying anything online.

Cheap Wedding Chair Cover Ideas

As you are planning your wedding you will soon find out that just about everything is expensive. This is especially true for wedding chair covers. Below you will find a solution to this problem.

You can take plain white pillowcases and transform them into beautiful wedding chair covers. These pillowcases can be bought in bulk at any box store for just a fraction of what other wedding chair covers would cost. You just simply cover the back of the chair with the white pillowcase and tie it back with tulle. You will have innumerable amount of possibilities at your fingertips, just by switching up the color of your ribbon tiebacks. You will find that the pillowcases will fit perfectly over the back of any metal folding chair.

Another affordable solution to this problem is just by scrapping the seat covering idea altogether. You can just decorate the back of the chairs, instead of the entire chair. One unique way to do this is by using tulle. Here is a list of things that you are going to need.

• Bulk tulle
• Silk rose (You can use any color and any size that you want)
• Large safety pins
• Wire cutters
• Sharp scissors

You are going to begin by attaching the tulle to the chair. You want to take your roll of tulle and spin enough off, so that you can tie it to the back of the chair. Now you will cut it to your desired length. Usually it makes a fuller look, if you cut it off where it begins to touch the ground. After you have tied a knot in your tulle, you want to secure it with your large safety pin. Make sure you run the safety pin through both layers of the tulle. After you have completed these steps, you will gently pull the edge of the tulle over the back of the chair and tuck it behind the knot.

You are now ready to attach your rose. You will do this by using your wire cutter to cut the stem of the rose off at 4 inches from the head of the flower. Once your flower is cut, you will tuck it behind the tulle, while making sure that the stem of the flower is facing down. You now have an elegant homemade chair cover that was fairly cheap and easy to make.

Keep in mind that you can implement your own creative ideas into this design. You do not have to use a rose and you can use any color of tulle that you want.

Add Padding to Your Chairs

While the focus will be on you and your significant other, you need to take the time to keep your guests in mind, because they have showed up to support you and celebrate your event. . Remember that your guests are going to remain seated for a big portion of your wedding. If you want to make their experience more comfortable, then you can do this by simply adding a little extra cushion or padding to their chairs. You can place the padding or cushion underneath the chair cover, so no one will ever know of their presence, until they plop down on the chair.
By implementing this technique your guests are going to be more focused and they won’t be squirming around trying to get comfortable. This will help them focus more on the key moments of your special day.
Chiavari Chair Cover

The Chiavari chair was developed in Italy during the early 1800’s. Thousands of couples continue to utilize the chairs for weddings and other formal events. These chairs are also known as ballroom chairs, since they have an elegant design. Of course, you will not really need to utilize a slipcover for this specific chair, unless they are in poor condition. If they are, then you are in luck, because the chiavari chair cover can be purchased online.

The organza chair cover is very suitable for this formal chair. This fabric is transparent and available in a large array of colors and tints, so there will no issues finding something that will fit into your color scheme. The organza will provide a perfect, but loose fit that hangs to the floor. Of course, this fabric will not conceal a deformed or banged up chair, but it will conceal minor blemishes perfectly.

Romantic Ruffles

There is nothing that says sexy and romance than ruffles. If you are looking for a very pleasing appeal, you definitely need to incorporate the ruffles into your wedding theme. There are many different types of table linens and chair covers that have overlapping ruffled layers. This ruffled display will hang loosely to the floor, without being too overwhelming. This is surely the perfect touch that every wedding needs.

These chair covers are available in sheer, organza, lace, and satin. The limitless color options will range from pastels, neutrals, vivid, and flat palettes.

Sequin Chair Back Cover

Every couple is continuously searching for wedding accessories and linen that will provide a glitzy and shimmery appeal. One way to achieve this look is with the sequin chair back cover. This will work perfectly with banquet chairs, so if you are using foldup chairs, this will not be suitable for you needs.

Colorful sequin fabric will definitely draw attention, especially, when the ceiling lights are turned off and the candles are lit. The candle light will reflect off of the sequin and provide a brilliant flicker that will emit throughout the entire reception hall.

Lace fabric sequin is very popular, because it is a transparent mesh with embroidered patchwork. This is a very alluring fabric that can be enveloped into any formal or country wedding.

The chair cover design will slip over the back of the chair and flow loosely to the floor. This will only cover half of the front portion of the chair back, so keep this in mind, when buying them.

Chair Covers Provided By Venues

If you are going to be hosting your wedding, in a venue that is frequently used for hosting formal events, it is possible that they can provide you with wedding chair covers. However, you should be very weary of this, because you do not know what the condition of the chairs covers will be. Typically, the primary color of these provided chair covers will be ivory, white, or cream.

You should speak with the venue manager first and ask if you can see the chair covers ahead of time. It is possible that these chair covers are going to be suitable for you and do not forget that you can always spice the covers up, by implementing a few accessories like flowers or sashes.

Vintage Veil Full Back

You are having an era themed wedding you will definitely want to add a vintage, antiquity appeal to your wedding venue. There are many ways that you can do this, by altering the linen, napery, and chair covers. It is important that your guests feel like they are stepping back in time, when they enter the reception and wedding venue. The vintage full back chair cover is constructed out of lace and veil fabrics and beautified with beads, sequin, and free standing lace embroidery.
This transparent fabric and embroidery will surely enhance the overall era themed venue. The vintage veil full back chair cover is perfect for the bride’s chair, since the elegant style and design will definitely speak volumes above other options.
Just slip the chair cover over the chair back and let it hang to the floor. These are perfect for banquet and ballroom chairs, which do not require a full coverage. You will definitely want to envelop this vintage, embroidered fabric into your table linen and napery, as well.

Outdoor Weddings and Chair Covers

If you are going to be hosting an outdoor wedding, you might find yourself worried about the chair covers. You don’t want to pay a lot of money for chair covers, and then have them ruined by the weather or spilled beverages. Do not worry anymore, because there is a solution to this problem and it will not break the bank. There is now a company online that offers disposable wedding chair covers. The best part is that no one will ever believe that they are disposable.

If it rains, you can simply wipe the covers down with a dry towel and they will look as if they are new. What if you spill wine on them? Don’t worry, because all you have to do is dab some water on the stain and it will dry like new. These covers are not plastic either and they can be washed in a washing machine.

Perhaps the best part about theses covers is that they are so cheap that you can throw them away after the event. You will not have to worry about trying to find a storage place for them either, which is definitely a great option. However, there is a one downfall, because they are only available in black or white.

Now, you might be worried about the wrinkles due to the shipping process. As long as you order your covers ahead of time, they can be ironed and this will remove all of those pesky wrinkles. When ironing you should put a thin piece of cotton cloth, between the iron and the cover, while setting the iron to the highest level to produce maximum heat setting.

The disposable chair cover is constructed out of lycra spandex, which is very flexible and has a shiny texture. This will work perfectly for any beach, park, or country wedding.
Remember that your wedding’s chairs actually serve two purposes. Sure, people will be lounging around and sitting in them, but they can also be very beautiful! With a little bit of effort and by using the right wedding chair covers, you can guarantee that your chairs will look beautiful, stylish and elegant. Take the time to experiment, shop around and browse online for inspiration. By doing this, you will ultimately succeed and impress with your wedding’s chair décor!

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