If you are looking to buy chair covers, then you have come to the right place. However, before you start shopping, there are a few things that you need to know beforehand. Chair covers are not always necessary, but you might find yourself in a situation, where you need to cover an unsightly chair for a special occasion. Sometimes those old folding or banquet chairs can be plain and need a little sprucing up or maybe the chairs are all beat up. Whatever the case may be this is where chair covers come in handy. A chair cover can really change the looks of the chair and keep you from having to purchase a new chair.
Different chair covers are designed to alter a venue environment. For instance, banquet chair covers are used to add a visual effect to those ugly chairs at a special event. Whereas a living room chair cover can have two purposes. One is that they can be used not only to spice up that old chair, but they can even be used to spruce up the whole room. The other purpose would be to allow you to get more life out of those old chairs. Chair covers are available in a variety of different styles and patterns. Choosing the correct chair cover will really depend on what type of chair you are trying to cover. Below you will learn a little bit more information about the types of chair covers.

Types of Chair Covers

You will find that at most weddings and special events the folding and the banquet chair are the two most common types of seats used. These chairs are usually plain and contain lots of bare metal, which is why couples choose to use them. Pale colors like cream or white are most often used at formal weddings or special events. It is also very common to find long sashes tied around the backs of the chairs. These sashes also are available in a variety of different colors and fabrics, but their style and design is usually tied in with the event or wedding theme colors.
Banquet chair covers usually drape over a chair and have a much looser fit than other covers. However, sashes can also be used to secure the chair cover.
• Standard chair cover- you will find that the standard chair covers is the most common type of chair cover available. The most common fabrics used for the standard chair cover are silk, satin, organza, linen, and polyester.
• Tall chair cover- is designed to fit snug on tall chairs. The most common fabrics for these chair covers are silk, satin, organza, linen, and polyester.
• Folding chair cover- is designed to perfectly fit an average folding chair. The most common fabrics are silk, satin, organza, linen, and polyester.
• Pillowcase chair cover- is a little bit different because it has excess fabric in the back that can be tied in the form of a bow. This excess fabric eliminates the need for an extra sash. This type of chair cover will drape over tall banquet and standard chairs. The most common fabrics for this chair cover are silk, satin, organza, linen, and polyester.
• Spandex chair cover- is very unique, because it will fit most chairs. It can even be stretched to fit most banquet chairs. The spandex chair cover actually molds to the chairs for a nice tight fit. This chair cover is only available in spandex material.
• Universal chair cover- is designed to fit any chair. It will drape over some chairs and fit tight against others. It really just depends on what type of chair you are trying to cover. The most common fabrics for this chair cover are silk, satin, organza, linen, and polyester.

Buying Chair Covers

Chair covers can be purchased in many department, big box and, furniture stores or online. You may find that buying online could be less expensive, but there are some things that you should be aware of when shopping online. If you choose to shop online for chair covers, you are going to need to know the size of the chair you are trying to cover in advance. Of course, you could always choose to go with the spandex or universal chair cover, because they will cover all types of chairs, but it really depends on what type of look you are going for. You should also know that shopping online could be dangerous, if you do not shop from a trusted buyer. Before you shop online you need to make sure that you do some research and shop from a reputable store. You should also make sure that you always use a secure form of payment.
Many stores can provide you with sample fabrics, if you are unsure about the size of the chair cover that you need. You do not always have to buy chairs covers, if you are looking to use them for a wedding or a special event. Many couples will tend to rent these items because it can be much cheaper.

Renting VS Buying Chair Covers

If you are planning on hosting an event you should be aware of some of the advantages and disadvantages of buying or renting chair covers.
If you choose to rent your chair covers you are not going to have to install or remove them. The rental company will provide workers to come out and install these covers for you. If you are going to be hosting a large event, this will save you a lot of time.
When choosing to rental chair cover you may not have as many options, because some rental companies only carry certain styles and designs.
When you rent chair covers there might be a fee associated with any damage that is done to the chair covers. This fee can sometimes be more expensive than the cost of renting the covers, so this is something that you want to check out ahead of time.
When you buy chair covers, you always have the option of reusing them over and over again for birthday and engagement parties.