There are two different things that should stand out at your wedding. Your wedding dress and your tall wedding centerpieces should be much more noticeable than anything else. With the tall centerpiece, you will undoubtedly be able to achieve this goal. The centerpiece will stand above everything else, which will make it much more attractive and difficult to ignore. Of course, there are many different tall wedding centerpieces. A handful of these will be mentioned below for your convenience and to help you choose one that fits your needs.

Where to Get Them

First and foremost, you will need to look into yourself for answers. It is entirely possible to take the time to build your own tall centerpieces, or you can always purchase one. Both options are entirely acceptable, but both have a specific set of pros and cons.

By taking the time to design and build your centerpieces, you will be able to maintain entire control over everything. If you don’t like the way a specific piece of the decoration looks, you can easily change it. If you would prefer to turn something around in the other direction, you will be able to do so, without trouble.

On the other hand, you should consider buying the centerpieces. This will undoubtedly be tremendously either, but it could be a little more costly. By purchasing the centerpiece, you will have to wait for it to be delivered in most cases. Be sure to check with hobbyists, if you’re going to follow this option. With these individuals, you might be able to find something entirely unique.

Tall Square Glass Vase

Most couples prefer tall wedding centerpieces, because they can easily be seen over a large crowd of people. You can also use them as your main focal point, which is highly desirable, but only if you are not using your wedding cake, as the main point of attraction.

The tall square glass vase is the perfect way to start developing a tall centerpiece. The greatest benefit of the square vase is you will not need to worry about it toppling over, even if the table is hit fairly hard. The large square base will stabilize the vase extremely well, but remember anything is possible, when you are having a large wedding.

You can fill the vase with water, gel balls, river pebbles, sand, sea shells, or whatever you desire. You can also cover the glass vase with rhinestone crystal ribbon, so the floral stems will not be visible. If you choose to go this route, you will simply cut the ribbon to size and place glue on the back portion, then wrap it around the vase. This will definitely impress everyone, plus the rhinestone crystals will reflect any type of candle lighting.

Fill the tall square vase with flowers, feathers, or lavender stalks, so they will look full and beautiful on your wedding reception tables.

Eiffel Tower Vases

When attempting to use the very best tall wedding centerpieces, you will want to consider taking the time to use Eiffel tower vases. With these types of vases, it is possible to create a wide assortment of different centerpieces. Remember that the vase itself is enough to warrant its own centerpiece. They’re beautiful, attractive and unique. Of course, you will also want to consider adding a bunch of different decorations, such as flowers, beads and lights!

By placing a light into one of these vases, it will undoubtedly create a very unique and beautiful appearance. The light will shine out beautifully and light up the rest of the table. This can work exceptionally well, if you have beautiful items laid out near the vase. Water beads work very well, since they’re capable of capturing the light. Since these vases are very tall, you will want to consider placing a beautiful floral display at the top.

Deliciously Fruity

There is nothing more mouthwatering than a tall fruity centerpiece. This beautiful creation can be placed on your buffet or reception tables and look absolutely outstanding. You will need to utilize a tall cylinder vase for this DIY project. Make sure to visit your local fruit stand or market and purchase the freshest fruits that you can find, because you want them to be deliciously tempting to everyone that comes into contact with them.

You will need to purchase several items, before you actually start working on your tall wedding centerpieces.

• Oranges
• Lemons
• Strawberries
• Pineapple
• Bamboo Wooden Party Sticks
• Thin White String
Cut the lemons into slices and then cut the pineapples into cubes. You will then need to cut the oranges in half, before you move on to the next step. If you want to make this an edible centerpiece, you will need to throw the vases into the dishwasher and wash all of the fruit thoroughly.

Once everything is cut, you will simply stick the fruit onto the bamboo sticks and then fill the vase with ice cold water. Place the lemon slices into the vase, so they look like they are pressed up against the glass. Wedge the fruit sticks into the lemony mixture, so they look uniformed, but be sure to mix up the pineapples and strawberries, so they look balanced out. Use a thin string to attach the orange slices onto the outer bamboo sticks and let them hang downward.

You can sit the vase into a platter filled with ice, so they stay cold and fresh. Allow your guests to help themselves to your delicious delectable.

Giant Champagne Saucer

If you are looking for a base for your tall centerpiece, you should consider utilizing the giant champagne saucer. This is an extremely tall clear glass that can be enveloped into your wedding décor very easily. Every couple likes to celebrate their event with a toast to their future, so why not use this beautiful piece, as your centerpiece base.

You can fill the vase with gel balls, diamond confetti, pearl beads, or colored water. Once you have chosen filler, you will need to decide, whether you want to use candles or flowers to place in the center of the filler. Remember, candles will provide the perfect mood lighting for your event, so you can totally eliminate the ceiling lights.

Wrap 1” white or pastel colored ribbon around the base of the champagne glass, just to give it a loving touch of elegance. Fill the vase with colored acrylic beads, place a candle in the center, and lay the white pearl beads inside of the vase. Make sure to leave some of the beads hanging loosely on the outside of the vase, so they look like they were tossed into the bowl after a night of dancing.

If you use water balls or water gel as filler, you can place 3-4 floating candles on top of the mixture, before you sit the beautiful champagne saucer centerpiece on your reception tables. Toss down some diamond confetti and you will have yourself an extraordinary display.


When it comes down to it, tall wedding centerpieces are undoubtedly more attractive and eye-catching than the majority of their small alternatives. Of course, it is still vital to be very careful, when selecting one. Choose one that suits your wedding, theme and color theme perfectly. Other than that, you should make sure that you’re happy with the finalized display. If you are, you have succeeded in creating the best wedding centerpiece.